Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I moved!

Yes, it is true. I am now officially no longer living with my parents at my house. Well, not so officially. I have yet to change the address at the post office. But as my shampoo, razor, and underwear are at the apartment, I think it is safe to say that I live there. It was not a great night for sleeping, but what first night at a new place in a new bed is? Best thing is that my universal remote is all programmed for the TV that my brother and his wife GAVE me, so now I can watch movies and my favorite tv shows all from the comfort of my bed. Go me. And I've already recieved the Mommy-talk about not hiding out in my room with only the tv for company, so don't bother. =)
What will take some getting used to is not having stairs, windows that open nicely, a rocking recliner, a large bed that I can sleep diagonally in, a dog barking at everything, real leftovers from real meals, and a bathroom to myself. Oh, and the DVR. Oh how I am going to miss that DVR! But my parents assure me that I can still come over and use it, as long as I don't clog up their system. What they think they are going to be recording that will take up so much space, I have no idea. Maybe my dad will DVR Zenon or something.
Actually, my parents told me I can come over whenever I want to. As long as I really do live in my apartment. Which is really nice, considering that I work about 5 minutes from their house and 20 minutes from my new place and lunch breaks are much easier to just drive over there and fix a sandwich and catch a power nap. Or watch one of my shows that I've DVRd.....
Anyway, living with roommates again will be interesting. It's been 2 years since I've had to do that...not that I'll actually be home long enough to actually do much living with them, considering my schedule, but that's ok.
What is REALLY going to be interesting is being responsible for my own food. In college, I lived off of ramen, quesadillas, and fast food. Not healthy, I know, but my schedule in college was nutty and that worked for me. Since then I have not had to cook anything for myself. I guess this is what we're going to call the Return to Quesadillas! Subway and Jimmy Johns does not count as fast food, so I can do that. And ramen....well, fall is coming.
So I'll post some pictures if I ever get actually moved out of boxes. At this point I really don't know when or if that will happen.
But happy September, people. Autumn is on its way!

Friday, August 13, 2010

A Rant...

I know, it's Friday, and I should be so super duper excited about it that nothing could make me want to rant, but it has been an insane week and I have a few things to get off my chest.
1) When you come in contact with people, BE NICE! If you have a concern, don't take it out on the person who can help you. Don't yell, don't insult, and don't wish pain upon them. We are all human here and just because you have anger problems does not give you cause to ruin someone's day. BE NICE!
2) Don't look for excuses to straddle the line. If you have determined to live and believe a certain way, then please do it! Don't try to be as much a part of the world as you can without technically doing anything wrong. There is a reason that we are told to rise above the world. Yes, that means modesty too. When you have gone through the temple, that is even more important than before. Act, dress, speak in a manner that you wouldn't mind doing before the prophet. I don't quote myself very often, because I rarely say things worth quoting, but this one came as I was preparing a lesson for RS and so I don't believe they are my words at all: "Living the Gospel should not have shades of grey. There is white and not white. End of story." There, that's enough.
3) When you're driving in a car or riding a motorcycle (and you'd better be dressed appropriately for safety with that one, cuz otherwise you're an idiot), USE A TURN SIGNAL! It's not only respectful to other drivers, but it's a matter of safety! How are the cars behind you supposed to know that you are going to slow down and turn if you don't indicate it? It's not like it's a complicated thing.
4) There is no cause, none, to insult anyone's religious beliefs. Religion is not the issue ever. The choices that people make should be the issue. Religion is not something that should be attacked. Respect the beliefs even if you don't agree with them. Let's all try for a little understanding, ok?

Ok, I think that's all I have right now. The wind has been taken out of my sails.
In other news, Carly turned 1 this week. She's getting so old!!! And SOOOOOO beautiful! She and her parents are coming up to play with me for a week before they move on to Michigan. Who's excited??? Oh, that's right, me.
And football is starting. Let the party begin.
Good Friday, everyone.

Monday, August 2, 2010


Maybe it's because it's August, maybe it's because it's a sunny day, or maybe it's because I had a really good night's sleep...you know, one of those where you wake up and go "WOW, that felt good!". Whatever the reason, today feels amazing. It's not a special day of any kind. It's just Monday here in the office. We're swamped and I barely got off the phone to get to lunch. I shouldn't be so happy, so fresh, so alive today, especially seeing as how my parents are in California with my sister at her National meet and my brother and his wife and daughter are headed to Idaho today. Everyone is on vacation except me. Well, and my other sister, but she's having a great time exhausting herself with teenagers, so that's almost a vacation. And here I sit, in my office, at the orthopedic clinic, answering calls and waitng for the clock to say 5:00. I should be wallowing in misery and self-pity.
But I'm not. I woke up this morning with a smile on my face and it has stayed there all day. Ok, not ALL day, it's vanished a couple of times when I had a difficult patient or doctor, but it came right back when that was done. I feel so like myself today that I am left to wonder where I went.
Actually, I lied. I know why. Yesterday was Fast Sunday. I know, that's not usually something that makes people smile and feel all happy. But this time, it did. I had some amazing experiences yesterday during my fast. I think it was the most sincere fasting I have ever done. Why? I don't know. I didn't spend all day in my scriptures, I didn't spend hours on my knees, and although church was wonderful, it was not especially spiritually amazing. But my heart feels different. I wonder if it's because I realized yesterday that no matter what we are going through, there is a way out of it. The Lord always gives us a way out. That sounds so basic, but I realized that it counts for me in my life, and not just Nephi. I fasted for some things that I never really thought to fast for before. I always seem to think that I need big things to fast for, but yesterday I had big things for other people and just some little things for me. Granted, they aren't so little to me right now, but compared to the other things, they are small. But I know that just because they are little does not make them less important to the Lord. And I know that if it is His will, He can help me with my little things just as surely as He can help the others with their big things.
Why do I feel so alive, so awesome today? I think it's because I'm finally learning how to turn things over to the Lord. I have a looooooooooooooong way to go, but I think I'm starting to get it.
Have a great week, everyone. You deserve it.