Saturday, April 2, 2011

The King's Speech

So I have been very interested in the success of the movie The King's Speech this awards season. I had never seen it, but I sort of have an unhealthy obsession with all things England, and have always been fascinated with English monarchies, and....Colin Firth is in it. Nuff said right? Of course, right. So, I REALLY wanted it to do well. I cheered very loudly when Colin Firth won his Golden Globe award, much to the amusement of my friends watching with me. I squealed and almost cried when he won the Oscar for it. I pumped my fist in victory when The King's Speech took home the Best Picture award. Very odd, you might say, considering I had never seen it.
Why hadn't I?

Because it was rated R and I decided a long time ago that I was not going to see R rated movies, no matter how tempted.

I had never really been that tempted.....until now.

I struggled, I really did. See, I knew this was a true story. This actually happened, this was no "loose interpretation of a good story" movie, this was literally real. And I knew the only reason it was rated R was for the language in one scene. Just one. And given my above sentiments towards the film and its details......well, I was aching to see it. But I knew I would be disappointed in myself for breaking that promise I had made to myself, regardless of if I enjoyed the actual film. So I prepared to wait until it came out on DVD and I could find an edited version somewhere. I had even planned with my dear sister-in-law to have a viewing party of it, since she shared my desire to see it.

I bought the book and read it in about three days, and I was even more tempted, now that I knew the story. [By the way, get the book. So amazing.]

But lo, and behold, miracles happen. Somebody [and I really have no idea who, but I want to send them a fruit basket or something] decided to release a PG-13 version of the movie, with the parts that make it R removed. It was going to be released to select theaters, but I was willing to drive however far I had to so I could see it.

On Wednesday, my mother told me she received an email from one of our local movie theaters advertising the showing of the edited version of The King's Speech. I almost cried with joy.

Tonight, my dreams came true.

The movie was PHENOMENAL. The acting was above and beyond what I was expecting [and I was expecting a good deal, I'm a little harsh that way, but it's out of love, I swear]. The music was breathtaking. I already have the soundtrack. The story was touching and inspiring, and Colin Firth's performance is the stuff of legend. I would move to any country where that man was king. ESPECIALLY if Helena Bonham Carter was his queen. She makes me smile in real life, and was perfection in this film. The rest of the supporting cast is delightful, and there was not one single thing that I would change about it [well, okay, maybe the swearing, but even then, it's really if that makes it okay.....I'm torn].

In short, if you see R rated films, see it. If you don't, find the edited version somewhere near you and see it. Amazing amazing amazing.

I firmly believe that I was meant to see this movie.

I'm going back again this week.

And as many more times as I can.